After a month and a half of KLRness, I realized I still have PMS

May 1, 2008

Apparently I was wrong in that last post. Although I’ve been having big fun with the KLR, I still find my mind on road bikes. I’m doing the typical winter thing–even now in May–and contemplating “the next bike.” For about two weeks I thought (almost seriously) that I was over Ducatis. Then I started wondering. Then I rode my Multi. Then I attended the Spring Ducati Party/Fashion Show a couple weeks ago and watched them unveil the D16RR (complete with scanitly clad chicky aboard).

Now I’m back to wanting to ride my Duc again–or sell/trade it for another Duc. Even a short fling with a Triumph Tiger 1050 (read about that here) wasn’t enough to make me forget the Ducatis for long. The big problem is that I now find myself wishing for more power (that Triumph had gobs and it came on in such a linear, easy-to-use fashion, that it was intoxicating).

Planning a couple of long rides on my BabyStrada over the next couple of weeks, so hopefully I’ll remember that I really DON’T need the power. Hopefuly.