Already about to kick the Brute to the curb

November 12, 2009

I really must have some kind of disease. Is it so wrong, though, to want a bike that performs like the Brute, looks sexy (like the Brute), has character (like the Brute), but doesn’t subject me to torture every time I ride it (UNlike the Brute). After the first two longer rides, I reset the suspension for “soft.” Now instead of getting booted 6 inches out of the seat over the frost heaves in the road, I only go 2 inches. I guess the landing from 2 inches is a bit softer. The herniated disc in my neck still hates it. So…I told my wife that I made a mistake. She OK’d me putting the Brutale back on Craiglist. Now I’m in talks with very nice rider who would like to swap…wait for it…wait for it…a 2006 Triumph Speed Triple. Yes! He stopped by yesterday (had the day off) for a look at the Brute and really liked it. Now I just need to go look at that Triple. It’s even the right color (black). I’m thoroughly looking forward to it.

I have to say, though, that I hate the fact that I found this beautiful, charismatic, energetic, fun motorcycle that also happens to be a torture device for my poor back and neck. It’s kinda like getting to date a supermodel only to find out when you’re between the sheets that she’s REALLY into whips and chains. You still find yourself drawn to her because, hey, she IS a supermodel, but it’s damn painful. At some point you realize you either need to get out or give in. Guess I’m more into getting out while I can.

What I can say, though, is that if the Speed Triple doesn’t work, I’m just going to sell the Brutale and scrape my pennies together until I can buy a Hypermotard 1100. At least I KNOW they do everything I want–or can be made to (with the extra large fuel tank). Speaking of Hypermotard–have you seend the new EVO and EVO SP version? Yum!