Moto Life

I'm not fickle…but I put the T-Bird back up on Craigslist

March 8, 2009

The T-Bird is back on Cragslist. I made an offer on that Ural and then had to retract it. Oh yeah, and my job got cut 20%. Motorcycle life is going to take a back seat to just trying to live, I guess. In theory, the guy with the Sprint ST is buying the T-Bird next weekend. I’ll believe it when I see it, but he seems pretty into it.

It’s odd how quickly I’ll be going from almost owning three motorcycles to owning only one–and the second-least-expensive motorcycle I’ve ever owned at that. Hopefully the Kawi continues to be the same trusty and fun steed it has been. Managed to get the rest of the stickers off the right side of the bike tonight. Once the left side is done, it’s time to paint. Rattle can here I come!

I did actually get the T-Bird back together–fork boots and all. Took it out for a ride shortly after reassembling it and man, what a difference. Between new fork oil and raising the forks up a bit in the triple clamps, it handles like a completely different bike. I think I will really miss it.