Moto Life

It all started with…

Jan. 25, 2008

My current Motorcycle obsession started a little over two and a half years ago. I’d been riding for about five years prior to that, but up until then it wasn’t an obsession–more of hobby. Maybe because I had other things to do…working on my degree, a new baby girl, reserve work with the Sheriff’s Department. I finally finished the degree and wrapped up my work with the Sheriff’s Dept. and found myself without a lot to do.

At the time, I had an 02 Honda 919…a bike I only liked when I was going way too fast. I got a ticket one day (my first) and started thinking maybe I need something a little slower. About the same time, Bend got it’s first motorcycle dealship focused on european motorcycles (Ducati motorcycles mainly). A perfect storm was brewing.

I started hanging out at the dealership. They were only too happy to provide test rides and, having owned a Ducati Monster 900 while I was stationed in Italy, it wasn’t long until I got the Ducati bug in a big way. Couple that with the fact that winter was coming (and with it several months of no riding), and I was wanting a new bike in a big way. A new Ducati red bike.

I kept dropping hints to my wife (not so subtly) that it would be really neat to get one for Christmas and although she couldn’t quite manage this (I hadn’t told her what I really wanted when Christmas rolled around), she did make it happen for my birthday–as a surprise, no less.

In January 2006, I started to pull into the driveway after going to see a movie and waiting in my garage was a brand new red Multistrada 620 with a bright red bow hanging from the handlebars. My wife was holding our daughter, bouncing up and down while U2’s “She Moves in Mysterious Ways” was playing on my little radio in the garage.