Moto Life

It's not the winter blahs…it's PMS

Feb. 6, 2008

I learned a new acronym while reading through the website the other day–PMS…also known as Parked Motorcycle Syndrome. As soon as I read it, I knew without a doubt that was my current problem. I always liked my 02 Honda 919 best when I was riding it (never did much for me in the garage, though). I like to look at my Multi and enjoy making it shine. It’s a much sexier beast than any other bike I’ve ever owned, but after a while I just need to ride it.

So back to bikes. With so much snow still on the ground (buddy says this is as bad as he’s seen it in 11 years of living in Central Oregon–definitely as bad as I’ve seen it these past 6.5 years), I’ve got lots of time to think about bikes. What do I keep thinking? I know I just said that Multi is a sexy beast and that I enjoy riding it and all, but I keep thinking of selling it and picking up a KLR 650 as a replacement.

Several guys I know just bought these things old and new alike, and have been having a big time riding all the dirt roads around here (way more dirt than pavement here). The KLR works for everything except garage appeal and inspiration while riding. It has range, carrying capacity, real dirtability (as real as I need), and isn’t so fancy/expensive that I’d mind dropping it in the dirt (whereas it kills me every time I find another rock chip on the red bodywork of the Multi).

So anyway, a KLR. Not necessarily a new one. I used one could be nice–for under $4K–and then an old early 70s/late 60s Honda CB to get sporty with. Right now that’s what I’m spending my days and nights daydreaming about. Next month, I’ll probably be back on the sidecar kick…or maybe cruisers. Wish I could have 6 bikes–sounds like the perfect subject for my next entry.