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It's snowing, so I guess it's officially winter

Jan 2, 2009

I Craiglisted the T-Bird (for sale or trade). Had a few people offer some interesting trades, but nothing ground-shaking. The best so far has been an 02 Ducati Supersport Dark. I’d probably swap for that if it worked out, but trades are odd things. I think most people are like me–just fishing and not really sure what they want to do. It occurred to me that a cool website would make it easier to swap things by matching up what you have with what others want. Maybe in another life, eh?

I got a lead on a Ural GearUp that’s for sale. Don’t know what’s being asked for it, and it probably won’t lead to much, but time will tell I suppose.

Right now, I’m waiting on a new rear tube and tire irons for my Kawi. I got the front tire and tube swapped out, but pinched the tube while doing the rear. I felt pretty good about it overall, though, as I didn’t have the right tools. Hopefully this will make a difference (and instill some character).