Moto Life

Still have the T-Bird and my 36th birthday came and went

January 27, 2009

Celebrated my 36th anniversary of entering this world over the past weekend–with a bit more celebrating yesterday (and likely even more today or tomorrow). Nothing really motorcycle-related for presents aside from the balaclava my buddy bought. Wish I’d had that earlier this month when I was out riding the Kawi around and look forward to riding in the winter with my chin warm for a change.

More interest in the T-Bird, but still nothing more than emails. Had a guy offer to swap me an 05 Sprint ST, but he wants $2K in addition to the bike and I don’t think I can really go there. One or two others have seemed relatively serious about buying it and then there was this Suzuki Bandit another guy wanted to trade–which is exactly what I think I might possibly maybe be looking for. Obviously I know exactly what I want…unless maybe I don’t. I’ve had a hankering lately to just fix the fork seals and keep it to ride myself. I’d just need a tail bag and a tank bag and it would make a good traveling companion. Pipes would make it great, I think. Hmmmmm. Wonder how I can make some cash…