Moto Life

Took the T-Brid off Craigslist again

February 13, 2009

Not sure I could be any more fickle about motorcycles. Got an email from a guy who wanted to swap a newer Triumph Sprint ST for my T-Bird (of course he wanted some cash, too). Got to emailing him back and forth and the next thing I know, I’m back into the T-Bird. I pulled the front forks, got the seals done, and bought fork boots to protect them. Everything is currently sitting in my garage–waiting for me to put it all back together.

Have started the process of removing stickers from the KLR. Am over half way done, but the remaining bits are a pain. Once I’m done, It’s goodbye crappy blue-green color, hello olive drab!

One of my friends gave me a good lead on a Ural Gear Up currently living in Maupin. Spoke to the guy yesterday and he doesn’t want that much for it given it’s an 05 with under 10K on the odometer. Am hoping to go up there next week sometime to take a look at it. Best part of all is that my wife has been fairly positive about it.

Wonder where this will go…