First really nice day so far this year and the bikes are OUT

I love the first really nice days of spring in Central Oregon. The motorcycles always come out to play and suddenly I don’t feel like such an oddball for riding anymore. There were a ton of them on the roads here in Bend today, then I got home to find lots of really cool bikes on Craigslist, too.

Check out this BMW R65 in Eugene.


Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to ride this bike with confidence and joy. It has had extensive service and enhancements done to it just so you can ride it in peace. This is what has been done recently:

New air cleaner
Transmission spline lube with new fluid
Clutch repairs
Rear main seal and oil pump O ring replaced
Alternator service
Starter motor service
Carb service and balance
Valve adjustment
Replace points
Replace timing chain and seals
Replace push rod seals
Wheel bearings packed
Fork oil replaced
Brake fluid replaced
Center stand repairs
New paint job

It runs like new and is ready to rice. I rescued this old jewel so you could have a “gentle person’s ride” happily on the country roads of your choice. How can I help you get this lovely bike into your garage? $2,850.00 will do it.

My friend stopped by today on his new (to him anyway) Aprilia Caponord. He let me ride the thing last week right after picking it up. I went about three miles and pulled over to the side of the road to switch back to my KLR650. I knew if I spent too much time aboard it I’d want one–and even after that short ride, I want one now. Of course, I want sooooo many motorcycles. There’s been a 2005 KTM 950 Adventure here in Bend for under $8K over the last couple of days that has my interest peaked. Biggest problem is that I still haven’t had any really good rides on the Speed Triple yet. Can’t possibly let that go–and REALLY don’t need three bikes in the garage right now. I have been wondering lately, though, if maybe I don’t have things a bit backward–like maybe my expensive bike should be a big adventure touring bike like my buddy’s. I just need to ride, methinks.

Here’s a cool BMW K1200RS I found over in Salem. The price is right and it’s a good looking bike for sure. I’m betting it sounds pretty sweet with the exhaust on there.

2003 BMW K1200RS
I am selling my BMW K-series 1200RS. It is in incredible shape and ready to go. It has very low miles (8000) and runs great. I hate to sell it but it has to go. All stock except the “two Bros” exhaust. Please give me a call if interested.

Oh yeah, one last item–the sweet Norton I saw a week or so ago appears to still be available:

1974 Norton 850 Commando

Here’s a link from the ad.

Someone really needs to give that bike a good home. It just screams to be ridden.

One more sweet, unusual bike. This is a 2002 Aprilia Futura sport touring bike. It’s sort of an Italian take on the VFR800. Check it out.

Anyway, weather is getting better, so hopefully you’re all out enjoying it. I know I am. Happy riding!