No motorcycles at all this weekend…

Not counting the “KTM 990 Adventure R” I fell hard for at Cascade Motorsports on Friday. I fell really hard.

Let me tell you about this new love and what I think really happened.

I was supposed to work half a day on Friday–had racked up around 4 extra hours Monday through Thursday. The day was beautiful and I was looking forward to going home early and grabbing a quick lunch then heading out for a ride aboard the Speed Triple. To quote a favorite movie, “fate, it seems, is not without a sense of irony.” Instead I worked right up until 3:30–trying hard to escape, but just not feeling like I could.

When I left, I just hopped on the KLR650 and started riding. I have a favorite loop around the west side of Bend that takes me up Awbrey Butte, around by Shevlin Park and out to Tumalo State Park. I pulled over there–thinking I was smelling oil burning–to check the KLR out, but didn’t see anything unusual. I did, however, watch in awe as a KTM 950 Adventure blasted up O.B. Riley Road back into town. I quickly hopped on the KLR and gave chase, but quick is a relative term on the KLR. I had fun, but dialed it back and decided to pay the Harley Dealer a visit when I came up to Empire (road).

I parked the KLR away from the door–so as not to tip them off that I was too cheap or anything–and walked in wearing (conservatively) $700 worth of motorcycle gear. I sat on the XR1200 (now graced with blacked-out Vance & Hines pipes), checked out some other bikes, and never really had a salesman come talk to me. I couple of women asked me if I needed anything–but they were talking about gear. Then I notice that the XR1200 I’m almost lusting after is parked in the “girl’s” section–nothing but chick gear all around it. I can hardly believe they consider the XR1200 a woman’s bike, but there it is. They may as well paint it pink and put daisy stickers on it.

Right there, I decide it’s time to go. I hop on the Kawi and ride immediately to Cascade Motorsports where, no sooner had I walked over to the 990 Adventures, than a salesman comes down and starts shooting the shit with me. I sat on the the regular Adventure and then was blown away when he told me the Adventure R is the same price (thanks to no ABS). More horsepower, better suspension and the same price. Sweet. After inquiring about trade-ins, I decided it was time to go home. I barely escaped.

What happened? I think I was so ticked off that the Harley guys wouldn’t take me seriously that I want to buy a new KTM just to prove to the bastards that I really am serious. I really do ride. But you know what? I don’t need to prove it to those clowns. Sooner or later they’ll Harley will figure it out. Or they’ll go out of business.

Enough about that. Found several VERY cool bikes on Craiglist in Portland. A guy with great taste apparently broke his arm and is using it as an excuse to clean out his garage. First up…

1974 BMW R60/6

Near perfect 1974 BMW with just over 4,000 miles. I have receipts for over $6,000 to restore this motorcycle which sat in a garage for 35 years. This true time capsule is as close to a new R60/6 as you will ever see. Looks perfect. Runs perfectly. I broke my right hand and won’t be riding this year.

1977 Moto Guzzi 850

Great bike for riding or restoration. Broke my right hand and I can’t ride or wrench this year. Comes with dozens of years of extras. Extra frame rails for pegs, extra cylinder heads, extra gas tank, extra wiring harness with diode box, extra headers and cross overs, extra forks and shocks, New clutch and cables along with many more things from my old Moto Guzzi dealership. Less than 51K on a bike that will do over ten times that. New tires and much more.

2008 Moto Guzzi 1200 Sport

Bought new 2 months ago. Broke my hand and ended my riding season. Three year warrenty. Yes, only 254 miles. Three different handlebars for different styles of riding.
List was $13,590. Save over $5000 and get the fat bars, Aprilia mana bars, and custom risers for free. Perfect condition!

Somebody help this poor fellow out and buy these awesome bikes. Happy riding.