Moto Guzzi California

Last year Moto Guzzi finally got serious about updating its motorcycle lineup. The first bike to benefit was one that was long overdue for a refresh…the California. I’m not a cruiser guy at all, but the Guzzi cruisers have always been…different. The new California is definitely different, but this time, it’s different in a good way. A really good way. That’s why this new version made it to the Bucket List. It has just enough technology, performance and great looks to be on the list. Plus I’m sure it sounds awesome with the right exhaust. Doesn’t hurt that it was designed by the same person who penned the original Ducati Monster…Miguel Galluzzi.

As of this posting, the California isn't just a Bucket List bike, it's my money's no object bike.
As of this posting, the California isn’t just a Bucket List bike, it’s my money’s no object bike.