Riding on my birthday in the middle of winter

Though not on the Ural Patrol that’s set as the featured image on this post. More on that later.

The important thing is that once again this year I was able to ride a motorcycle on my birthday weekend–in the middle of winter. This used to be completely unheard of in Central Oregon, but it seems like the last couple of years I’ve been able to be out on a bike whereas I used to only dream about riding this time of year.

I rode on Saturday and Sunday both–with Sunday being the longest ride this year (just a couple of hours) on the WR250R. I even managed to do both Johnson Ranch Road across from Brasada Ranch and the Pronghorn drive (from the highway to just shy of the gatehouse). The WR is a great corner-carving machine. It’s also another reminder of just how much fun it is to try and go fast on a slow bike. Much better than on a really fast bike when you’re in the real world.

In other news, I started looking for another Ural again recently (thus the pics accompanying this post). I found a couple good candidates, but decided to let things wait a little until money shakes out at my new job. My last day at my previous employer was Friday and this coming Friday I’ll start with the new one. Since the new guys pay ever other Friday, it’s going to be a little weird trying to sort out bills and stuff–especially with four days of unpaid time in there and the fact that my previous employer didn’t pay out my unused vacation days. I’ll manage, but I like having the extra cash in the bank from the bike sale to make me feel better.

Anyway, I’m hoping that once the dust settles around my pay that I can pick up another Ural. I hate that I have to wait…always seems like my hobby is the one that takes the hit whenever financial problems arise…but I guess that’s what I get for loving machines instead of animals. I’m still running the ads on CraigsList, though, and will see what turns up in the meantime. Who knows–maybe the perfect deal will show up and I’ll buy it anyway. Or maybe I’ll change my mind and go get something entirely different.

Love the Sahara color scheme on this rig.

Love the Sahara color scheme on this rig.