The two-moto dream died today

Back in early November 2013 I sold the DRZ400. I’d been sitting on the money, watching CraigsList, waiting. Getting tempted. Back around that time I got tempted to use the money to remodel the garage for Dawn to have an office. Then I got tempted in December to use the money for a replacement engagement/wedding ring (she lost the diamond from her original ring a couple of years ago). None of that materialized.

More recently, I’ve been looking for another Ural. Called on a couple. Had a deal on one, but it didn’t work out, so I just kept searching and posting WTB ads on CraigsList.

That search and all the temptations to buy other things came to an end today. Not in a new motorcycle. Not in a replacement wedding ring. Not in a remodeled garage. Not in anything tangible. Nope, today I just put the money in my checking account and instead of buying something with it, I’m using it to pay off credit card debt. I finally hit the point where there was just too much on the cards for me to continue to feel good about it. Happily, this will pay it all off and should leave enough left over to also pay the couple of outstanding medical bills we have.

I guess the upside to not having money budgeted for a motorbike anymore is that I can fantasize about any bike I want–since everything is out of reach, everything is now equal.

A nice winter ride near Horse Butte on the WR250R. Those Shinko tires sure do look snazzy on it.
A nice winter ride near Horse Butte on the WR250R. Those Shinko tires sure do look snazzy on it.


In other news, I was able to ride again last weekend–Saturday and even Sunday. The Saturday ride was pretty good–was able to do the whole gravel road by Horse Butte on the WR. That thing sure handles the stuff well and feels far more stable than the DRZ ever did. Sunday was just a quick ride around the neighborhood because it was right around freezing temperature-wise and I could only stand being out about 15-20 minutes. Was fun though.

As I sit writing this now…a week after my last ride, if I look out the bedroom sliding glass door, the snow is piled 2.5 – 3 feet high on the deck. It’s not snowing at the moment, but before that, we’d had probably 3-4 days of snow. Everyone I’ve talked to says this is the worst it’s been since they’ve lived here. Our neighbor used to live in Colorado and says the amount of snow we got here would be bad for Colorado. Ugh. Actually borrowed their tractor and tried to dig us out some and although that was fun, it was cold–I don’t have waterproof snow pants anymore. Can’t wait until it’s all gone and I can get back on the bike.