Pushed it too far riding

Well last weekend was good right up until I pushed it all a bit too far on the ride Sunday and messed my head up again. I rode the bike over to Prineville via the Crooked River Canyon, then over to Smith Rock for pics, then hit Lower Bridge Road to Holmes Road to Hwy 20 and back to Bend. I realized at the Three Sisters viewpoint between Sisters and Bend that I might’ve gone too far. The next and following days confirmed it. Ugh.

The good news–if there’s good news–is that I’ve been able to continue to function this time. I even rode a little this weekend, but more importantly, I got the tools necessary to pull the Goose’s front wheel and then took it to the Motoshop in Bend and got the new tire installed. I’ve had it out a couple of times, riding gently to scrub the tire in, but so far so good.