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Happy birthday to me

Birthdays in Central Oregon are tough when your birthday is in January and the thing you want most of all is moto-related. Doesn’t matter if it’ a new bike, a motorbike ride or just a new moto farkle. All moto-related birthday wishes make me want to ride. And January in Central Oregon doesn’t alway give me that freedom. It did this year.

Actually the whole weekend leading up to my Tuesday birthday was decent. I rode the DR Saturday and Sunday and had a great time of it. The original plan was to take Tuesday and be on two wheels again–the Tuono if possible. Then I mentioned The Plan to Peter and suddenly we’re on Urals. I was disappointed at first but after we started heading into the canyon I was thankful to be on three as ODOT had apparently been hard at work converting Hwy 27 to gravel…or at least hiding the pavement from the snow under a thick layer of the stuff.

We stopped at the boat ramp leading down into the canyon and shot photos. Peter demoed flying the chair and with nobody around I talked him into teaching me the fine art, or trying to at least. I didn’t get any photos of my tub in the air, but I did manage to snap a couple of Peter.

Peter puts the chair in the air to show me how it's done.
Peter puts the chair in the air to show me how it’s done.


On (or more precisely, off) Patroll at Prineville Reservoir.
On (or more precisely, off) Patroll at Prineville Reservoir.


We messed around there long enough for me to get a good workout and shed my first layer–off with the glove liners–then it was on down the road for more photos. We found another spot that I usually miss because it’s in a particularly fun set of twisty parts. On a Ural you have more time to react…which is good since getting stopped takes longer.


From there it was on down the road a ways. I have a favorite spot for photos and nearly always pull off there on every photo run with every bike I take up or down the canyon–so of course we had to stop there. Usually I sit there long enough to see other bikes going by, but there just weren’t other bikes out…and not many cars either.


It wasn’t quite a bluebird sky day, but close–as you can see from the photos here. We headed on into Prineville for lunch at Tastee Treat–which Peter was kind enough to buy. After lunch it was on to the ONeil Hwy, through Redmond and finally home via the Old Bend Redmond Hwy. Was a great ride and made for a great birthday outing.