The SV is gone now, back to two bikes

On February 18, 2017, I sent the SV650 home with its new owner: to Idaho. Paid $3600 and sold it for $3000. And sold it quickly. Probably due to the fact that it was under-priced. Since then the least I’ve seen them go for is more like $3300. Still–for $300 bucks, being done with it in a week or so is not bad at all.

Why the sudden ditching of a perfectly good bike? One that I liked riding, was in good shape, was cheap to ride, looked good and did basically everything I wanted? The One Moto Show in Portland that I attended about a week earlier. As part of the trip, I visited the Triumph, Guzzi, Ducati and Ural dealers. Sat on lots of bikes and decided I really needed a new Triumph Bonneville T120 for $12k. To make matters worse, when I sent a photo home to the wife, both she and the kids were egging me on to just get it.

At this point in the narrative you might think to yourself…why didn’t you just get the bike? Or maybe you’d wonder what would make my wife say something like that. I didn’t get the bike because money. And I think my wife was telling me that because my Dad had just died a few weeks earlier–that and I was in the midst of being extra unhappy at work. I think maybe she just wanted to give me something to look forward to. But I’m responsible, so I didn’t do it then, opting instead to come home and try and sell off the SV.

So yeah, sold the SV650 thinking I’d use the money towards getting the T120 and then I did something extra dumb. I traded the wife’s 2015 Honda on a 2017 Honda. Added almost exactly the price of the Bonneville onto our loan and now I have no SV and no hope of getting the Bonneville. Sigh.

Let’s make things better, shall we? Once again, the place my wife works is unable to pay her full salary. She got all of $100ish dollars for her last payday. And she’s scaling her hours back anyway…so even though I got a good raise around the holidays, I now see no way of being able to afford that T120.

And if that weren’t bad enough–at my own suggestion, I think we’re going to use the money I got for the SV to do something other than buy me a motorcycle. Whether it’s a vacation–origianlly we were thinking of Europe–or loading up on riding lessons for the girls, the moto money isn’t going for motos again.

So to recap: dead father, cruddy work, no SV650, no T120 and no hope of getting one and no money from the sale of the SV650. At least I still have the Tuono and the Patrol. Of course, the T is on Craigslist as I type this because–why wouldn’t it be.