Tuono gone-O

I swapped the Tuono for a 2008 XR650L on April 1st. I’d had the Tuono on Craigslist for nearly two months and the only intest I’d had was the trade. I initially turned the XR’s owner away, but eventually contacted him again thinking that it would probably be easier to unload the XR than the Tuono in the log run.

Will I keep the XR650 or ditch it right away…that’s the question. I’ve put nearly 200 miles on the XR so far and just today (4-7-2017) I listed it on Craigslist and ADVRider for trade. I was right about it being easier to unload–in the hour after posting it, I had two trade offers–of course they were for bikes I don’t want. That’s still twice as many offers as I got for the Tuono in the 1.5 months I had it on CraigsList most recently.

I did manage to make a fair amount of the miles I’ve put on the bike so far–probably 35-50 miles–be dirt miles. That’s not bad. As expected, thee XR is great in the dirt and seems to get better the harder I push it. The thing is, though, I really shouldn’t be pushing that hard in the dirt…by myself. At least on the street someone will run me over and call an ambulance. Out in the dirt, the buzzards will come get me and that’s about the best I could hope for.