Brought home a 2008 Kawasaki Versys

Well I just couldn’t stand it. Wasn’t selling or trading the XR quickly enough and this nice Versys came along so now I’m back up to three motorbikes. Geez.

What’s the Versys like to ride? One word: fun! Happily it’s also useful and easy to ride in town, plus gets good mileage. It’s got the stock exhaust and enough wind protection that I don’t get beat up riding it aurally or physically. And I’m not sure I’ve ever had a bike with a much better chasis. It really really handles well.

So how many rides to date? Only put a couple of tanks of gas through it. Managed a ride up the canyon and back with a stop at Starbucks in Prineville. Need to ride more for sure and plan to as soon as the weather improves.

This thing is a hoot on a tight twisting road.