Got a Bonneville in July

I finally got that Triumph Bonneville from the bucket list back in July of 2017. I found a great 2009 Mag Wheel version right here in Bend, Oregon where I live.

As you can see from the photos, I rode the Bonnie all over Central Oregon. I even sort of made it over to the valley via the McKenzie Pass. Overall, it’s been a great motorcycle—despite having over 27000 miles on it now. I’d normally shy away from a bke with miles that high, but this one had complete maintenance records and runs and rides really well. As of right now the only thing it really needs is to get the front tire fixed due to a slow leak.

Could barely believe I was able to ride in December 2017


As shown above, I even managed to get out for a ride on the Bonnevilee in December. Unfortunately, by this point in my ownership experience, my enthusiasm for the bike had died down some. I’ve figured out the seat puts pressure on my inner thigh in such a way that I now have what seems to be a permanent hip issue. Sometimes it’s bad enough that I can barely walk. Yay. Needless, to say, I’m already thinking it’s time to move on—even though in many other ways I really love the bike.

What’s up next? I’m leaning heavily towards a T120 Bonneville. Of course I still like the Thruxton and even flirted with infatuation for their new Bonneville Bobber. Other bikes I’m into at the moment include the Kawasaki Z900RS and a couple of bikes from Moto Guzzi: the V7III, V9 Bobber and the Griso. Oh—and I still really dig the Indian Scout.

And I still have the Versys. Boy do I ever have some buyin and selling to do. Sigh. First world problems indeed.