Versys gone! Replaced by…

The Versys has been gone for several months now. I miss it some, but it basically did the same things the Bonneville does. It was good in town, light weight, medium powered and didn’t do longer rides very well. It also felt a little cramped. So away it went and as usual, I used the proceeds to pay off the other bike loan so now I own the Bonnie outright. And now the farkling has begun.

One of the first things I added to the Bonnie was a new brown seat from British Customs. This addressed one of the big issues I had with the Bonnie in stock form: terrible seat. The old seat actually hurt my hip so badly that I had problems sleeping.

Added a comfy new British Customs seat to the Bonneville.

Next up was all sorts of things: shorter knurled seat bolts, knurled side cover bolts, passenger peg block off plates, black handlebar, bar risers, brown grips to match the seat, a bar end mirror and fork boots. And there might have been something else. Probably was.

Then I bought the biggest farkle of all—a Kawaskai Concours 14. That’s right, I added a full-blown sport touring bike to the stable. And I nearly immediately rode it to the coast and back. I did a few other longer rides on it and as of yesterday it’s listed on CraigsList already because I got what I wanted out of it: a Chowder Run. It’s the first time I’ve been able to ride to the coast since before my concussion. Over five years I waited for that ride. And it was great.

Almost immediately rode the 2013 Kawasaki Concours to the Oregon coast