Connie goes bye bye

And just like that, the Connie is no more. I sold her off just last weekend—the 25th of August. Buyer was a recently retired returning rider who pulled one of my tricks and rented a car one way to come get the bike.

I have to admit that it actually felt good to be back down to “only” two bikes—the Ural and Maggie. And within a few days Maggie and I were already off on our next adventure—heading for the coast together for the first time. She proved to be a really good traveling companion and got me over and back safely—despite me getting sick the night before we had to make the trip back.

Unfortunately, I got zero photos of Maggie with an ocean view but quite a few along the way.

Somewhere in between riding to the coast and selling the Kawaski off, I also managed to fit in a test ride on Brayden’s Ducati Desert Sled and sort of fell in love.

Brayden let me have some alone time with his lovely Desert Sled. The things she’d say if she could talk to him…

It’s been the only bike I’ve been into since I rode it (surprise). I got really close to finalizing a deal to trade Maggie off to Motocorsa in exchange for a Sled while I was at the coast. In hindsight I’m glad that didn’t work out—actually I decided not to do it while yakking my brains out the night before we all went home. Ducati has a great Labor Day financing special going until Sept. 8, though, and Motocorsa found me a red Sled, so who knows…maybe next time I make an entry here, it’ll be sledding season.