Not one, but two, count’em two Chowder Runs in 2018

That’s right, for the first time in over five years, I did a chowder run from Bend to the coast and back this year. Twice. Both times I did the run on the Concours–a bike that doesn’t seem to come into its own until you’ve been on the road for a couple of hours and you’re free of the hustle and bustle cities bring.

I didn’t really get any open ocean type photos with the Connie on my second Chowder Run of 2018

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Versys gone! Replaced by…

The Versys has been gone for several months now. I miss it some, but it basically did the same things the Bonneville does. It was good in town, light weight, medium powered and didn’t do longer rides very well. It also felt a little cramped. So away it went and as usual, I used the proceeds to pay off the other bike loan so now I own the Bonnie outright. And now the farkling has begun.

One of the first things I added to the Bonnie was a new brown seat from British Customs. This addressed one of the big issues I had with the Bonnie in stock form: terrible seat. The old seat actually hurt my hip so badly that I had problems sleeping.

Added a comfy new British Customs seat to the Bonneville.

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2016 to Present Africa Twin

Honda released the CRF1000L Africa Twin in 2016. The bike has gotten universally great reviews and was even the best-selling motorcycle over in the UK if memory serves. It sounds like just the right amounts of capable on/off road, character and reliability. Basically everything you want from a motorcycle. Not sure when I’ll be in the mood for a real ADV bike—as I type this I’m still on a retro bike kick. Next time I’m looking for one, though, I’m hoping to pick up one of these.

I really like the color scheme on the one below, but it’s got that silly automatic transmission Honda seems to like to stick in their bikes. I’ve never figured out why color seems to be tied to the transmission type of the bike with Honda, but there it is.

2016 Honda Africa Twin

Got a Bonneville in July

I finally got that Triumph Bonneville from the bucket list back in July of 2017. I found a great 2009 Mag Wheel version right here in Bend, Oregon where I live.

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