Winter's almost here now

December 7, 2008

So much happened since that last post…well maybe not that much. I did go on a couple of longer rides (6-7 hours), but never could shake the more power/different bike bug. I started posting the BabyStrada on Craigslist and the next thing you know–it’s sold. Didn’t even make the Chowder Run this year–my buddy’s Moto Guzzi crapped out on us not 20 miles from home. At least we weren’t 200 miles from home when it happened. Anyway, the Duc was history the very next weekend. I didn’t even wait a week before driving a rental down to Medford and picking up the replacement.

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After a month and a half of KLRness, I realized I still have PMS

May 1, 2008

Apparently I was wrong in that last post. Although I’ve been having big fun with the KLR, I still find my mind on road bikes. I’m doing the typical winter thing–even now in May–and contemplating “the next bike.” For about two weeks I thought (almost seriously) that I was over Ducatis. Then I started wondering. Then I rode my Multi. Then I attended the Spring Ducati Party/Fashion Show a couple weeks ago and watched them unveil the D16RR (complete with scanitly clad chicky aboard).

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It's not the winter blahs…it's PMS

Feb. 6, 2008

I learned a new acronym while reading through the website the other day–PMS…also known as Parked Motorcycle Syndrome. As soon as I read it, I knew without a doubt that was my current problem. I always liked my 02 Honda 919 best when I was riding it (never did much for me in the garage, though). I like to look at my Multi and enjoy making it shine. It’s a much sexier beast than any other bike I’ve ever owned, but after a while I just need to ride it.

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