1993 – 2005 Ducati Monster 900/1000

Want another because I wasn’t done with the first one when I sold it in Italy.

And back in the late spring, summer and fall of 2013, I finally did get the chance to own another Monster M900. My second Monster was a 1995. I didn’t ride it nearly as much as I should’ve due to a concussion, but I did get a few good rides in. Eventually I swapped it for a 2008 WR250R dual sport. Here’s a pic.

Monster right
Monster paused for a pic on McKenzie Pass


2006 – 2008 Ducati GT1000

When the Ducati SportClassics were introduced in 2005, they teased the GT1000 as a model for 2006 and I could hardly wait. In fact, I couldn’t wait–and that’s why I ended up with the 2006 Multistrada 620. The GT hit showrooms about 8 months after my Multi landed in the garage. I got to test ride it in 2007 and oh man did I ever want to swap in the worst way.  I thought it was probably about the perfect Ducati for me–and still fantasize about it now–even wrote a review after the ride.

My two favorite color schemes are the original deep charcoal and the two-tone black and beige introduced in 2007. In fact, the that 2007 version with the accessory windscreen and soft leather-like saddle bags would be on my short list of bikes to own as a touring bike.

Here’s a nice shot of GT1000.

2007 Ducati GT1000

Here’s the 2007 on Bikez.com.

And a review from Roland Brown on Motorcyclist.