2009 (or older) BMW Boxer Twin

I like the old Boxer engines best. Forget what they did in 2010 to make them less desirable, but I’m sure there was a good reason here. Thinking a GS would be best for the riding position, but I also really like the 1100S. Either way, I really don’t want a super high mileage one. Why the 2009 or older? I believe they want to shimming valves in 2010 vs. screw-type adjusters and if I’m going to get one, I may as well have the easy maintenance.

Here’s a pic of an R1100S:

BMW R1100S


And an R1150GS:

BMW R1150 GS

2002 – Present Triumph Bonneville

I know it’s similar to a Scrambler–what can I say? They’re cool bikes. The 2009 and newer models have fuel injection, I believe. My favorite has got to be simple black and gold like the pic below:

2009 Triumph Bonneville

Update: I finally got one of these—just like the photo above—in July of 2017. It had higher mileage, but complete service records. It’s a blast to ride but the dished out saddle caused some ugly problems with my left hip. As of this update, the plan is to sell or trade it come spring 2018.

Could barely believe I was able to ride in December 2017