1993 – 2005 Ducati Monster 900/1000

Want another because I wasn’t done with the first one when I sold it in Italy.

And back in the late spring, summer and fall of 2013, I finally did get the chance to own another Monster M900. My second Monster was a 1995. I didn’t ride it nearly as much as I should’ve due to a concussion, but I did get a few good rides in. Eventually I swapped it for a 2008 WR250R dual sport. Here’s a pic.

Monster right
Monster paused for a pic on McKenzie Pass


2006 – 2008 Ducati GT1000

When the Ducati SportClassics were introduced in 2005, they teased the GT1000 as a model for 2006 and I could hardly wait. In fact, I couldn’t wait–and that’s why I ended up with the 2006 Multistrada 620. The GT hit showrooms about 8 months after my Multi landed in the garage. I got to test ride it in 2007 and oh man did I ever want to swap in the worst way.  I thought it was probably about the perfect Ducati for me–and still fantasize about it now–even wrote a review after the ride.

My two favorite color schemes are the original deep charcoal and the two-tone black and beige introduced in 2007. In fact, the that 2007 version with the accessory windscreen and soft leather-like saddle bags would be on my short list of bikes to own as a touring bike.

Here’s a nice shot of GT1000.

2007 Ducati GT1000

Here’s the 2007 on Bikez.com.

And a review from Roland Brown on Motorcyclist.

1969 – 1974 Honda CB750K/F

The CB750…wow. Just a world changing motorcycle. Beautiful to look at, and from everything I’ve read, amazing to ride. What’s not to like? I think anyone who has been riding for a while would be happy to own one of these…at least those of us who don’t count ourselves devotees to a particular brand. The CB750 blew everyone away when it was introduced. Superbike performance meets Honda reliability and user friendliness–all while looking cool. Both the K and F series were super cool bikes.

Here’s a nice shot of a 1970 CB750.

1970 Honda CB750

Here’s a ’71 CB750F on Bikez.com (love the paint on this one).

Here’s the Wikipedia article on the CB750 series.


1998 – 2001 Honda VFR800

Ok, so as of 12/18 I’m thinking this thing is back on the list. I continue to check them out on CraigsList and I’ve never been able to shake the sound. Maybe one day.

As of 8/14 I’d had two separate opportunities to own one of these…good bikes out there and cash in hand and both times I didn’t buy them. I just don’t like the plastic and couldn’t bring myself to buy them. It’s a shame because I still think that V4 sounds better than almost any other motorcycle engine…and it’s why I’m keeping this here as a Bucket List bike…maybe one day I’ll change my mind.

The ’98 through ’01 VFRs represent the 5th generation VFR. They were the first fuel injected bikes and they have gear driven cams. Couple the gear whine with an after-market exhaust enhanced V4 rumble and wow…the sound is just unreal. I have to own one of these some day for that reason alone. And that’s not a bad thing. I bought my 1997 M900 Ducati Monster for the same reason and it remains one of my favorites.

Here’s a picture of a 5th Gen Viffer.

5th Generation VFR800

Here is a 2001 on Bikez.com.

And the Wikipedia VFR 800 page.