2008 Triumph Tiger 1050

On the prowl with Triumph’s 2008 Tiger 1050

As “adventure” bikes go, Triumph’s Tiger 1050 is one sexy cat. I’d thought as much since the first photos of this bike surfaced in 2006, but standing there looking at the bike, there was just no denying it.

I’ve long been a fan of bikes like the Tiger–BMW’s big GS, Ducati’s Multistrada, and Suzuki’s V-Strom–but I’ve always wondered why they had to look so…functional. With the Tiger 1050, Triumph has proven that it IS possible to build a sexy adventure bike. And, as I would soon discover, the bike is more than sexy. It’s a genuinely great motorcycle. A bike you can ride to work, to your favorite local twisty road, or across the country (with the optional hard bags and a few other accessories).

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2000 Triumph Thunderbird Sport

Not quite sure what it’s supposed to be

The late 90s/early 2000-era Thunderbird Sport is an interesting mixture of classic good looks and sporting ability. Between the chrome, beautiful paint and lace wheels, the bike can easily be mistaken for just another modern interpretation of a 60s or 70s motorcycle. When you get a little closer, though, and notice things like the dual disc brakes up front and fully adjustable suspension, you realize there may be more to the bike than just a walk down memory lane.

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