Newberry National Monument Out and Back


You suffer 48 miles of Hwy 97 for 20 miles of fun to run up to the lookout and back one time, but the fun is worth every mile on 97—especially if you make the trip up and back to the lookout more than once. Just be careful coming and going as there are often slow moving RVs making their way to and from the campgrounds. The views from the lookout are spectacular.

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Bend – Crescent – Cascade Lakes Hwy Loop

Like the shorter Bend – Sunriver – Cascade Lakes Hwy Loop, this is a relaxing ride  (with the exception of Hwy 97) into the heart of the Central Oregon Cascades. It makes for a great retreat when the weather is hot in the lower elevations and there are some terrific views of the Three Sisters, Broken Top and Mt. Bachelor from the Cascade Lakes Hwy.

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