Finally, finally changed the oil on the Gear Up

July 9, 2009

Took me feeling guilty for the last 1200kms worth of riding (and a buddy willing to give me a filter), but I finally changed the oil (in all three places) on the Gear Up. The bike had 9450 kms on it when I changed it Sunday, July 5. I’m horribly embarrassed that I took so long to do it, but at least it’s finally done. I can hardly believe what a difference it’s made. Don’t think I’ve ever been able to tell a difference in how the engine runs after an oil change, but I guess there’s a first time for everything.

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Summer is here, but I can't ride much

June 24, 2009

My wife broke her leg about two weeks ago…just in time for summer to show up. Haven’t been able to ride much since–though I have gotten out on the Gear-Up a couple of times. Kawi is apart right now as I’m trying to use this as an opportunity to sand and paint it. Ah well–maybe the good weather will stick around long enough for an Aufderheidi and Fossil run this year.

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So I was able to pick up that Gear-Up in Maupin

April 13, 2009

Once again, I’m the proud owner of two motorcycles. Feels wierd to say that between the two, there are five wheels on the ground now. The GearUp has been great fun so far, though it’s currently apart (sidecar driveshaft was bent when I bought it). Am seriously looking forward to getting it back on the road again–hopefully by next weekend. In the meantime, I’ve been riding and working on the Kawi.

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So long, T-Bird…

March 16, 2009

I watched as the T-Bird was loaded onto a trailer Saturday and driven out of my life. All the bits and pieces I had for it went with it. It was definitely with mixed emotions. I┬áhad a really great last ride on it the day before–out to Alfalfa, Brasada Ranch and Pronghorn (about 7 miles round trip from the Powell Butte Hwy and an incredibly fun ride). I’ll miss it, but I’m already thinking about “the next bike.”

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I'm not fickle…but I put the T-Bird back up on Craigslist

March 8, 2009

The T-Bird is back on Cragslist. I made an offer on that Ural and then had to retract it. Oh yeah, and my job got cut 20%. Motorcycle life is going to take a back seat to just trying to live, I guess. In theory, the guy with the Sprint ST is buying the T-Bird next weekend. I’ll believe it when I see it, but he seems pretty into it.

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